Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jaya has taken ill !! Suddenly !! And I am with the doctors now investigating the problem.


(taken from big b's blog )

Jalsa, Mumbai April 6, 2010 Tue 10 : 58 PM
Back again like a bad coin !! But protocol and order had to be restored. Continuity had to be restored. And my affection to the ‘gang’ had to be expressed. Note expressed, not restored. Restored it is, but expressing it is different and essential.
Yes the internet played up. But on examination by the technos, it seemed to be that the lap top had a lapse. Ha ! Always happens when it travels. Got to refigure it for a foreign location and fresh codes for wi fi connect and that turns it sour. MacBook Pro babes doesn’t like change, much like the lot of us. Once you are set for a particular time place act, changing it creates issues. So the bottom line is, leave MBPro babes behind every time one travels, so it does not have to face unknown locations and their connections. And take another baby along, and bottle feed it to adjust to unknown and unchartered territory. Simple.
Hi, sweetheart going a trip. Will be away for a while, well, quite a while. Feel like coming along. Shall personally take care of you. Carry you on my shoulder, clean you up, wipe you down as soon your screens get slobbered with finger prints and grease and make sure they don’t get rough with you at security. Got to open you up as you go through that tunnel of discontent. Sorry about, that it sees through you I know, and its a little embarrassing to see your naked self on screen, as a wise and very serious looking uniformed lady or mister, sits concentratedly watching every movement, or every dark red signal of infra red, signifying dangerous content.
So thats a solution for the future ! Right !
Jaya has taken ill !! Suddenly !! And I am with the doctors now investigating the problem. Its never good to see her like this for she rarely gets in such condition. And because of this she is most reticent to any doctor visit, and more, tablet treatment. But we persist and they have done their bit and gone. The medications have been administered and hopefully she shall have a better night.
Had to go to Mahesh Manjrekar’s audio release this evening, for his film in Marathi on the mills and mill workers problems in the city, ages ago. But had to cancel because of the situation in the house. Spoke to him though at the function, and he put me on speaker for the media to hear through the mobile. Feel terrible pulling out of such situations at the last minute, but this was unavoidable.
And … Mumbai Indians lost to Chennai !! Horror !! Just did not click at all. They were superior in the field, though it was a low scoring match. Better luck next time I guess.
Symbiosis, the institution that I visited to inaugurate their media studios has invited me to join them as Professor Emeritus to the Institution. Goodness, am I really qualified for the job ? Feel a bit inadequate for the post. Lets see .. shall review.
Okay .. enough for now … need to go and monitor Jaya’s condition. Will keep you apprised of it later ..
Keep well and in good spirits … you are all so precious …

Amitabh Bachchan

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